Day 90: 26 July 2017
Thursday, 26 July 2018 06:22

Day nine (of 23) of the trial: Today’s first witness is a police officer with thirty years’ experience. He led a surveillance operation involving the three accused, and confirms having logged six ‘observations’. ‘Did you have an observation on that day?’ the Crown asks him. ‘Yes, I did,’ replies the sergeant. ‘From where to where?’ continues the lead prosecutor. ‘From the Arrivals gate at Hobart International Airport, to North Hobart.’ We learn that the surveillance was done at the behest of the Drug Squad. After admitting to having cannabis hidden on the passenger seat floor, the driver had then volunteered… ‘To be honest, there’s sixteen more bags in the boot’. The sergeant confirms that upon inspection he saw the bags, but it wasn’t within his brief to inspect them. That was for the Drug Squad. The next witness, the Crown alleges, with his wife drove from northern Tasmania, to Hobart, to collect a package of drugs on behalf of his son. The couple had been followed, apprehended, the car searched, the pair charged, and bailed. But he says he knew nothing. Later, a voice recording of an extremely agitated young man (allegedly, the son) tells the person he’s calling (one of the accused) to… ‘throw everything away’. The person is heard to say that something happened to his parents. He repeats the need to throw everything away. I often look across at the seven men and five women of the jury (plus the two ‘reserves’), and I wonder if they – like me, ordinary people – are comprehending things as easily, or, at times, with as much uncertainty, as me. What are they each making of all of this? Because, at some point down the track, (these) twelve individuals will need to decide if the three men sitting opposite them – the accused – are to go to jail for a long, long time. I wonder how I would feel if I was in their shoes. Is the evidence being presented sufficient and compelling enough to convict the accused of trafficking drugs? Will the jury, correctly and fairly, come to a just decision?

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