Day 89: 25 July 2017
Wednesday, 25 July 2018 11:03

Day eight of the trial: By now, we’ve heard from various witnesses as to why they visited the shed: to buy a vehicle, to buy a caravan, to have a vehicle repaired, to buy a spare part, to do electrical work. A witness is shown CCTV footage of him arriving at the shed. ‘Is that person you?’ asks the Crown prosecutor. ‘Yes,’ replies the witness. ‘Why were you there?’ ‘To do electrical work.’ This witness agrees to having bought ice, but not from the shed. From near a Kmart. ‘Are you willing to say from whom you bought the drugs?’ asks the chief prospector. ‘No,’ replies the witness. Audio evidence from one of the previously-announced 40,000 phone interceptions is played to the court. We hear the witness asking for ‘five-hundred’ (a $500 loan). He offers to repay six hundred. ‘We don’t work like that,’ says the man being asked, who clearly is defendant No.1. The first female witness is called. She has ten kids and says her reason for visiting the shed was to buy a caravan for her sixteen-year-old son, for him to use as a bedroom. She said it was perfect for him, even though the person (one of the accused) from whom she was buying the caravan couldn’t find the key, so she hadn’t seen inside prior to buying it. She’s handed a folder containing no fewer than 242, 8 x 10 inch colour photos – the jury all receive a similar folder – and she is asked why she made so many visits to the shed. ‘To make payments on the caravan,’ she replies. ‘A caravan which you bought without looking inside?’ ‘Yes.’