Day 82: 18 June 2017
Thursday, 19 July 2018 08:41

Day four of the tril. Today is over before it starts. We stand, His Honour enters, we bow, we sit. Without further ado, defence counsel points out that one of the defendants is absent, the same guy who was taken to hospital by ambulance last week due to ongoing heart issues. His barrister hands to His Honour a letter from the defendant’s GP. He reads the letter to the court. The defendant has had more heart issues, plus he’s had a fall and hurt his head, and the GP has ordered cat scans. What’s more, the patient is suffering heavy stress from the court proceedings. The barrister goes on to say that his client has instructed him to tell the judge that it is unfair for him to continue hearing the case, while he’s sick. His Honour appears unhappy with this, and uses the word contempt. Prosecuting counsel goes a step further, and argues that the court must not be held to ransom by any of the three accused. Another letter from another GP at the same practice is tabled, and read to the court. This letter advises that the results of the cat scan will be available later today or first thing tomorrow. The court remains silent while His Honour ponders. Finally, he says he’s deciding whether to adjourn proceedings and, if so, for how long. Regardless, it would seem that today is shot. His Honour calls in the jury, and brings them up to speed on the state of play. He apologies that today is all-over-red-rover (my words). He wants them back in the jury waiting room at ten o’clock tomorrow, even though he will reconvene the court at 9.30pm, to hear the results of the cat scan. He dismisses the jury for the day. There is one more matter. A witness failed to appear last week, a warrant for her arrest was issued, and yesterday she was apprehended. She’s led into the court flanked by two burly guards. His Honour gives her two options. Either she can remain locked up for nine days, or she can be released on the proviso she promises to front on Thursday week. She chooses the latter, and then hurries out of the courtroom. Today is consigned to history.