Day 81: 17 June 2017
Monday, 16 July 2018 17:17

Today, I was pulled over by a policeman as we drove south out of Margate on our way home to Paradise (Kettering). He was positioned in an excellent spot next to Merediths roadside produce store. It’s still a ‘60’ zone, but shortly afterwards changes to 80. You come to it after a short downward slope, and it’s easy pickings. It should be 80 all along. The kind policeman told me I was doing 81 in a 60 stretch, but he kindly let me off with a warning. He told me I’ll get a confirmation email, which later on I do. My clever daughter-in-law came top of her class at the Victorian academy. The reward she got was to choose her first police station. Most top place-getters select the station with the least amount of crime. The graduate who comes bottom, so Jessie explained, gets sent to Boganville. Guess where Jessie – the dux of her class – chose to go? Yep. Boganville. Not being experienced in police matters, I asked Jessie what her work entailed. She replied, ‘I’m the hose person’. ‘Please explain,’ I replied. ‘We often get called to a domestic situation, and by the time we arrive the arguing and often the brawling has moved out onto the front lawn. While my colleague tries to pacify the combatants, I look around for the nearest garden hose, and by the time I bring the hose to where the action is, my colleague often will have had to have used capsicum spray on the main offender, who he is writhing on the grass, rubbing his eyes, and screaming. Whereupon I use the hose to wash the spray off his face.’ When Jessie progressed to being a detective, I asked what her new work involved. ‘Now, I sit outside cafes, drinking coffee.’ ‘How come?’ I asked. ‘Burglars always return to the scene of their crime, to see what’s going on. We have a rough description of the offender, so we just sit there. When he comes by, we arrest him.’